Next Week

Don’t miss these contributions to the blogosphere next week:

1) A review of Exodus: The New American Commentary by Douglas K. Stuart

I finally finished this thorough and incredibly useful commentary on the book of Exodus…I haven’t the slightest idea how to review a commentary of this scope. Come back next week and see how I do.

2) The Creation of Sexuality: The Ontological Purpose

Sexuality isn’t simply something detached from who we are as human beings. In an effort to diminish the worship of sex in our culture some Christians have taught that sex is irrelevant to our personhood. That seems, to me, to be both contrary to nature and Scripture.

3) The Creation of Sexuality: The Sociable Purpose

Sexuality isn’t just about us as individuals, however. It is also a part of how we relate to others. I want to unpack that more clearly.

4) A Theology for Hipsters (Part 33): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 12)

Progressiveness is permissible in some areas as we seek to communicate the unchanging gospel in a changing world.

Plus check for regular asides, and another entry of the new series “This Is My Father’s World.”

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