Next Week

It’s a week of 500th Post Celebrations! Get ready for what’s happening next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1) 500th Post: Theology Gift Set Contest

As a special thanks to all the regular readers here at Pastor Dave Online I am offering a “Hipster’s” Theology Gift Set prize. The rules and details will be explained next week, but whether you’re a hipster or not (and of course no one thinks they are) you won’t want to miss this contest! You can enter all week and the winner will be drawn randomly on Friday.

2) 500th Post: Ten Theologians Recommend Theology Books

I was able to get some of my friends and other professional theologians/pastors to offer up their recommendations for best theology books. The focus is geared largely towards college students, since that is largely whom I pastor, but anyone can benefit from these lists. Contributors include: John Frame, Donald Whitney, Greg Gilbert, Sam Storms, Winfield Bevins and more.

3) 5ooth Post: My Reluctant Embrace of a Bad Label

Why do I throw around the term “Hipster” when it is clearly an offensive, derogatory term? I’ll explain myself next week.

4) A Theology for Hipsters (Part 28): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 7)

To keep us balanced I am continuing this series of posts that both encourage the so-called “hipsters” while recognizing that there are, nonetheless, essentials that must be kept for the faith. This week we will look at some of the dangers of three hipster trademarks: rebellion, individuality, and progressiveness.

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