Perfect Parenting vs. Gospel Parenting

In conjunction with my post on parenting today I wanted to highlight this article by Kevin DeYoung, “Parenting 001.” The article is hilarious at moments, especially if you’re a parent, you’ve read Shepherding a Child’s Heart, and if you’ve ever stressed because you don’t think you’re “doing” it right. It’s more than just funny, though, it’s really insightful about how to use grace on our parenting (which is different from using it in parenting, which we also need). Check out the post here. It’s important for us all to remember that Gospel Parenting is quick to point out that parents need God to do the work of raising Children, that they can’t be perfect and therefore grace needs to be applied to their own lives and parenting failures. Don’t stress about what you can’t do, work at it, but trust Jesus to bless faithful parents who mess up.

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