It’s Not Doubt, Simply Dislike

Do you have those moments where you simply have to be honest with yourself about something? Christians, as people who still struggle with sinful desires, often find ways to sanctify or justify what is actually sinful behavior. For sometime now I have complained that I simply don’t understand God’s plan for my life. I have confessed to and owned up to my own doubt at various times, and yet it occured to me recently that perhaps doubt isn’t my problem at all.

You see it seems that for however long a season this is, God’s will for my life is simply to serve him right where I am at. Now the issue, then, becomes not that I doubt God’s will but rather that I dislike it. I want something more detailed, I want something  that shows me the bigger picture, I want to know the future today and the course I will take to get to that future. But God is simply showing me the little picture for now and requiring that I be satisfied with serving him in the small as well as the big picture.

So it’s not doubt that I struggle with, it’s simply dislike of God’s will for my life. The issue now becomes what am I going to do about it. Am I going to continue to stew, and be frustrated, and disappointed, etc. or am I going to seek to be satisfied with Jesus and his will for my life now. Am I going to pour myself into serving him today, or not?

It’ s a difficult quesiton to wrestle with: do you dislike God’s will for your life? Maybe you do struggle with doubt, that’s perfectly normal at times, friends. But be prepared to ask this tough question and then take steps to change your attitude. Don’t blame God’s unwillingness to reveal his will on what is really an unwillingness of your heart to obey him. I imagine there’s much here for all of us to wrestle with…I know there is for me.

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