Mark Driscoll’s Six Sermon Framing Questions

Here’s my outline of Driscoll’s lecture on the six questions he asks to help frame every sermon he prepares. Good helps.

  1. The Biblical Question –> What do the Scriptures say?
    1. Exegesis not Eisegesis
  2. The Theological Question –> What does it mean?
    1. Use commentaries but don’t start there
    2. Develop an interpretive community –> preachers, authors, commentaries, etc.

                           i.      Don’t include only people from your camp, denomination, theological system, etc.

                           ii.      Also include people who don’t live in this nation and  this time.

   3.  The Memorable Question –> What is going to make it sticky?

                 1. Sometimes it’s a word

                2. Sometimes it’s an image

                3. Sometimes it’s a concept

                4. Sometimes it’s a doctrine

                5. Sometimes it’s an emotion

                6. Sometimes it’s a person

4. The Apologetical Question –> What objections will your hearers have that you can answer?

               1. What are the huge issues in your cities and major objections?

               2. Suggestions:

                     i.      Password protected website with Q&A Forums

                     ii.      Meet with people after services

                     iii.      Turn your critics into coaches

                     iv.      Multiple services

 5. The Missional Question –> Why does this matter?

  6. The Christological Question –> How is this about Jesus?

             1. Talk about Jesus all the time!

             2. You have not preached or taught Scripture until you talk about Jesus

              3. Ways to do this:

                    i.      OT prophetic promises and prophecies

                    ii.      OT Christophanies

                    iii.      OT Representative Figures (typology; ex: Adam)

                    iv.      OT Events (typology; ex: passover)

                     v.      OT Titles (ex: Son of Man)

                   vi.      The Theme of Redemptive History

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