A Theology for Hipsters (Part 15): Hipster Hot Topics (Part 1)

A brief introduction to the Hipster Hot Topic of Social Justice

Frustrated By The Mission: A Review of “The Mission of the Church” by Greg Gilbert and Kevin DeYoung

The Mission of the Church really frustrated me…and some of that is really good for me.

Beautiful Are The Feet: A Review of “Barefoot Church” by Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker encourages pastors to rethink their church model and see how serving the least can transform their ministry and their lives.

Poverty and Depravity

Don’t separate gospel ministry and social ministry!

The Church Being The Church: Or What My Community Needs

My community has a major drug problem and it needs the church to step up and help!

How Not to Help the Poor

My heart is for the city, and parituclary for my city: Portsmouth, OH. Part of bringing the gospel to the city involves helping those in need, being willing to get dirty and do social ministry alongside preaching the gospel. This means helping the poor and needy in our communities, and this video is a breathtaking […]