A Review of “The World is Not Ours to Save” by Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson has written a humble call to Christian activism that the modern church needs to hear!

Why I Will Never “Like” Your Facebook Wall Post

Christians should stop perpetuating the worst stereotypes about the poor!

We’re (Not) Gonna Change the World

We must work to transform the world with humility and with eyes fixed on the only one who can do that perfectly and finally: Jesus

The Gospel and Justice for the Poor

How does the gospel change our view of justice for the poor?

Implications and the Gospel: A Review of “A Cross-Shaped Gospel” by Bryan Loritts

I love this book for its focus on both the gospel and the implications, I only wish the author would have wrote about them in those terms.

Necro Theology: Be Warm And Be Filled

Care for your neighbor is part of what it means to be a Christian. If you don’t your faith is dead.

RevFast: Fasting for the Poor

Fasting must translate into action or God hates it!

Martin Luther is My Homeboy: The Legacy of Luther (Part 5)

My church is an heir of Luther’s eccelsiology, is yours?

Service or Serve?

Should we cancel service in order to serve our community?

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 16): Hipster Hot Topics (Part 2)

Where did renewed interest in social justice among Christians come from?