Introduction to The Ninety-Five Theses (Part 1)

Understanding the literary structure of the Ninety-Five Theses will enable us to better read the document.

The Early Luther: A Man with Questions

Luther’s dispute over the issue of indulgences started as more questioning than rebelling.

The Early Luther: A Man in Development

We must be willing to see Luther as a man in development if we are going to see Luther as he truly was.

Reformation Context (Part 14): The Issue of Indulgences

Luther’s issue with indulgences was that they lacked any humility.

Reformation Context (Part 13): Luther and Bernard

Bernard of Clairvaux played a key role in shaping Luther’s Eschatology

Reformation Context (Part 12): Luther as a Medieval Man

It is important to see Luther as a Medieval man

The Reformation Context (Part 11)

A summary of Wycliffe’s theology and impact

The Reformation: Context (Part 10)

Wycliffe challenged both the financial power of the church and its spiritual authority. In its place he held out the Holy Word of God.

The Reformation Context (Part 9)

In its proper place, tradition helped the Reformers to defend the true doctrine of the church.

The Reformation Context (Part 8)

The Reformation was not a fight over “Scripture or tradition,” but rather a fight for the proper place of each.