Studying the Reformation

Three things I am seeking to better understand as I study the Protestant Reformation this year.

The Five Solas: God’s Glory Alone

The doctrine of God’s Glory Alone reminds us that biblical Christianity is not ultimately about us.

The Five Solas: Christ Alone

The Reformers’ recovery of the sufficiency of Christ’s work needs to be upheld by the church today.

The Five Solas: Faith Alone

Justification by faith makes the believer a passive recipient instead of an active cooperative. 

The Five Solas: Grace Alone

Keep Jesus at the center of grace, like the Reformers did.

The Five Solas: Sola Scriptura

The health of the church requires that we look to the Bible as the source of authority for all matters of life of faith.

RetroPost: The Spark of the Reformation

Oct. 31st is Reformation day!

Retro Post: The Provocative and Biblical Martin Luther

Here’s a retro post on the provocative and yet Biblical person of Martin Luther. Happy Reformation week!