The Reformation Context (Part 4)

There are two pillars of late-medieval church dogma which significantly influenced the shape of the Protestant Reformation.

The Reformation Context (Part 3)

Understanding the doctrinal contributions of Johannes Duns Scotus and William Occam allows us to see that the seeds of Luther’s ideas preceded him

The Reformation Context (Part 2)

Thomism’s influence on the theological landscape of the time shaped the form of the Reformations of the 16th century.

The Reformation Context (Part 1)

We may look to many causes and interpretations to explain the reformation, but ultimately we must look to God.

Interpreting the Reformation: The Role of Theology

Theology is not the only interpretive lens we must consider, then, in studying the Reformation, but it is an important lens.

Interpreting the Reformation

The Reformation has layers of explanation that require attention to fully understand appreciate what took place.

Studying the Reformation

Three things I am seeking to better understand as I study the Protestant Reformation this year.

The Five Solas: God’s Glory Alone

The doctrine of God’s Glory Alone reminds us that biblical Christianity is not ultimately about us.

The Five Solas: Christ Alone

The Reformers’ recovery of the sufficiency of Christ’s work needs to be upheld by the church today.

The Five Solas: Faith Alone

Justification by faith makes the believer a passive recipient instead of an active cooperative.