Triperspectival Discipleship: Orthopraxy

A Biblical model of discipleship must include a component of practice.

Triperspectival Discipleship: Orthodoxy

If we have unfortunately reduced discipleship to instruction in the contemporary church, we should not react by totally abandoning instruction.

Being Good Stewards of Doubt

If we are willing to see it and willing to approach it rightly doubt can be a great gift of God driving us to more and more godliness.

When Confession Becomes Sin

We can use even confession as a means to fulfill sinful desires! It’s important, then, to think carefully about our confessions

Singing the Language of the Kingdom

Worship cultivates a desire for the Kingdom of God

Tri-Perspectival Discipleship

Comprehensive discipleship involves orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and orthopathy

Deconstructing Contemporary Discipleship

Our modern approach to discipleship assumes a faulty anthropology and therefore proves to be less effective and promoting Biblical change

Developing Healthy Small Group Leaders

If you’re a small group leader, friends, don’t just be a Bible study host, be a gospel coach.

On Pauls & Timothys

The whole church benefits from Paul & Timothy relationships

What is Discipleship?

It’s not complicated, but if we don’t define the term we’ll never know if we’re doing it