Seeing A Heavenly Vision of God

A heavenly vision of God fuels us in the fight of faith.

The Reality of Following Jesus: It’s Costly

It is immensely important, then, that we wrestle with the reality of the cost of following Jesus.

The Reality of Following Jesus: Introduction

We must be honest about the reality of following Jesus if we are going to do it faithfully

Reflections on a Year-Long Study on Discipleship

Making disciples is easier than we thought, being a faithful disciple is harder than we like to admit.

Moral Responsibility with Our Words

It is our moral responsibility to strive for God honoring speech and that involves some key principles of good communication.

Following Christ Costs Us All Something

If there are some unique costs for my gay and lesbian friends, there is, nonetheless, a cost that all of us must count to follow Christ.

When Perfectionism Is Sin

When perfectionism is sin, then Jesus is ready to give us grace.

Learning From New Monasticism: Abstention

If our cultural practices shape our desires then abstention from some may just be the difference between spiritual health and sin

Disciple Is A Noun!

If our discipleship is not grounded in identity we will live with frustration and dissapointment

Learning from New Monastics

We have a “quantity of immersion” problem in America. Some habits of monastic life can help us counter this problem.