The Creation of Sexuality: The Sociable Purpose

Sexuality serves the purpose of driving us toward social interaction.

The Creation of Sexuality: The Ontological Purpose

Sexuality is not icing on the cake, it’s an essential part of who we are as male and female made in His image.

Foundational Issues in a Theology of Sex: Imago Dei

Being made in the image of God has direct implications for our sexual experiences

Foundational Issues in a Theology of Sex: The Creator God

What’s God got to do with sex? He created it…so everything!

Comfortable With the Enns, but not the Means: A Review of “The Evolution of Adam” by Peter Enns

I can agree with Peter Enns’ general conclusion, but the means by which he arrived at that conclusion leaves much to be desired.

Almost There: A Review of “The Lost World of Genesis One” by John Walton

John Walton almost argued me into dropping my literal five-day-creationism position!

Methodology Matters: A Review of “Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job” by Hugh Ross

Hugh Ross argues for an Old-Earth creation…but he fails to convince me that such a position is found in the book of Job.