The Purity of the Words of God in Psalm 12

While men use words to deceive and control, God’s Word is pure and trustworthy.

Trauma and Union with Christ (Part 4)

Appropriating Christ’s story as our own allows sufferers of trauma to find hope and meaning beyond their experiences.

Trauma and Union with Christ (Part 3)

The believer’s union with Christ can be appropriated at the behavior level in order to open up new ways of responding to life.

Trauma and Union with Christ (Part 2)

A counselee can use the grid of Death, Burial, Resurrection, and New Life to help analyze their self-perception and remind themselves of the truth.

Trauma and Union with Christ

The doctrine of union of Christ is a vital doctrine for helping victims of trauma transform the plot line of their story.

Stability First: Practical Ways to Help Sufferers of Trauma

Some practical ways that good Biblical Counselors can help trauma sufferers move towards stability.

Stability First: God’s Compassion for Victims of Trauma

God is the “wonderful counselor,” and He demonstrates His compassion for victims of trauma by prioritizing stability.

Jesus and Trauma (Part 3)

Jesus bears the wounds of His trauma eternally in order that victims of trauma might draw close to Him.

Jesus and Trauma (Part 2)

In Luke 24:13-33 we catch a glimpse of Jesus self-revelation to the traumatized.

Jesus and Trauma (Part 1)

Jesus invites the trauma victim to come because He is a good and compassionate counselor.