The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 5): Expiation Model

Let the doctrine of expiation bring you freedom today

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 4): The Redemption Model

The redemption model of the atonement teaches us about new kingdom allegiances.

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 3): The Sacrifice Model

Exploring the broader angle of sacrifice as we look at all the glory and beauty of the doctrine of the atonement reminds us that it comes from a place of love.

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 2): The Christus Victor Model

The Christus Victor model cannot stand alone, but it cannot be ignored either

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 1): The Problem

The atonement is a multi-faceted jewel and all its angles deserve our appreciation

Uncomfortable Grace: Understanding Grace

To help us grasp God’s grace in the midst of trials it’s important that we understand the true nature of grace

The Virgin Birth Matters: The Divinity of Jesus

The Virgin Birth matters for reasons far greater than biology

A Review of “Evangelical Theology” by Michael Bird

Could Michael Bird’s new systematic theology dethrone Grudem’s?

The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Christians should seek to understand what “Fellowship of the Holy Spirit” really means

A Warning to Theologians!

It is possible to imitate orthodoxy through idolatry, be forewarned.