Barth and Bart, Part 4

In the episode “Simpsons Bible Stories” two particular tellings of common Bible stories gives a satirical critique of the reader-response hermeneutic: The Garden of Eden, and The Exodus. Both stories are interpreted through the minds of the shows key female characters, Marge and Lisa, and are therefore interpreted with some feminist bent. Lisa’s particular retelling […]

Barth and Bart, Part 3

There are a myriad of examples to pull from, this article will focus on a few particulars but the show itself presents frequent examples. Quite honestly The Simpsons deals frequently, even if it is in passing, with the relationship between readers of the Bible and their interpretations of the text. Heit observes this and its […]

Wednesdays in the World: Barth and Bart, Part 2

Homer’s attitude towards Scripture is evident throughout the series and among a wide array of characters from the show, Heit demonstrates this well. The town’s relationship with the Bible finds them ignorant of its contents and its contents irrelevant for their lives; yet, because there is a historical value remaining on it people continue to […]

Recap of the Best of 2008

There was much that I loved in 2008, much to celebrate, I suppose. In the particular fields that I love (i.e. books, movies, television, music, etc.) I can think of many highlights. I’ll share them with you now. In film, hands down the best movie of the year was The Dark Knight. It, quite honestly, […]