Reflections on a Year of Studying Spiritual Gifts

Here’s five key things I learned from a year of studying the doctrine of the Spiritual Gifts

The Spiritual Gifts: The Gift of Discernment

This is the least described and exemplified gift in the New Testament, and so what we say about it should be said in humility.

The Spiritual Gifts: Interpretation

The gift of interpretation is vital to the practice of tongues within the corporate worship service.

The Spiritual Gifts: Tongues (Part 2)

1 Corinthians 14 should be our primary grid for understanding and evaluating the modern gift of tongues.

The Spiritual Gifts: Tongues

According to Scripture, the gift of tongues is neither the ultimate gift nor a useless one.

The Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy (Part 3)

We should think carefully about when, where, and how prophecy is communicated today.

The Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy (Part 2)

When we understand the function of the Spiritual Gift of prophecy we can more fully appreciate and utilize it within the contemporary church.

The Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy

The gift of prophecy does not have the same level of authority as the Holy Scriptures.

The Spiritual Gifts: Visions

Visions are to be celebrated but not elevated to unbiblical statures.

The Spiritual Gifts: Responding to the Faith-Healing Movement

The Faith-Healing Movement overemphasizes the role of faith in Biblical healing.