The Spiritual Gifts: Tongues

According to Scripture, the gift of tongues is neither the ultimate gift nor a useless one.

The Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy (Part 3)

We should think carefully about when, where, and how prophecy is communicated today.

The Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy (Part 2)

When we understand the function of the Spiritual Gift of prophecy we can more fully appreciate and utilize it within the contemporary church.

The Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy

The gift of prophecy does not have the same level of authority as the Holy Scriptures.

The Spiritual Gifts: Visions

Visions are to be celebrated but not elevated to unbiblical statures.

The Spiritual Gifts: Responding to the Faith-Healing Movement

The Faith-Healing Movement overemphasizes the role of faith in Biblical healing.

The Spiritual Gifts: The Gift of Healing

How we think about this gift can save us from false assumptions about it, wrong practices of it, and terrible abuses of it.

The Spiritual Gifts: The Gift of Faith

The Gift of Faith is distinguished by full confidence, by spontaneity, and by a specific occasion that requires its enlistment.

The Spiritual Gifts: More than Charismata

When we speak about the Spiritual Gifts we must remember that there are more than the Charismatic ones.

The Spiritual Gifts: The Spirit & the Word (Part 3)

Where extra-biblical revelation is subject to Scripture and derived from Scripture it can be perfectly compatible with our doctrine of the sufficiency and authority of the Bible.