A Theology of Sex: Prolegomena and Homosexuality

A few preliminary thoughts on why I believe the way I do about homosexuality

Right Theology Comes from Scripture: A Review of “The Gay Gospel?” by Joe Dallas

As a former homosexual, Joe Dallas is capable of defending the Scriptural position on homosexuality with both knowledge and compassion. That makes this book a great resource for the church and for those seeking understanding.

A Theology of Sex: The Gospel and Sexual Assault (Part 2)

In Jesus we are no longer identified by our experience of shame, but by his offer of cleanliness

A Limited Gospel Has Limited Value: A Review of “Sex God” by Rob Bell

Rob Bell’s book on sex is good, but falls short of being ultimately helpful because it falls short of communicating the gospel.

A Theology of Sex: The Gospel and Sexual Assault

I don’t know exactly how to help victims of sexual assault in our church, but I know that the gospel can start the process of healing

You Didn’t Know You Needed It: A Review of “Rid of My Disgrace” by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

You don’t know it yet, but you, pastor, will need this book sooner or later

A Theology of Sex:Defining Sexual Assault

We must properly define sexual assualt so that we can properly help victims of it

A Theology of Sex: Power Eroticized

Sexual violence is bad for women, bad for sex, and bad for your soul!

Freedom Through The Gospel: A Review of “Closing The Window” by Tim Chester

Tim Chester still believes in the power of the gospel for the Christian life, so should you!

Idol Factory: Sex

The worship of sex will always leave us empty