Pornography and the Destruction of Worlds

In order to keep their fantasy alive, the person who desires to live in the sinful world of porn must destroy their real world.

Pornography and Sanctification

Porn use has spiritual implications, the more you use it the less you will grow.

A Theology of Sex: End-of-Year Reflections

Reflections on my year-long study project as it comes to an end.

A Theology of Sex: The Danger of Compromise In The Church

Sex is important to the church, even if it’s not the most important issue for the church

A Theology of Sex: Paul and Homosexuality (Part 2)

Considering the last set of verses that address the matter of homosexuality in the New Testament

Comprehensive and Compasionate: A Review of “The Bible and Homosexual Practice” by Robert Gagnon

Robert Gagnon has written a rare book on the very controversial subject of homsexual relationships according to the Bible

A Theology of Sex: Paul and Homosexuality (Part 1)

Paul’s teaching on homosexuality in Romans 1 is clear, and all attempts to alter the obvious meaning of the text are deeply flawed.

A Proper Distinction: A Review of “Sex is Not The Problem, Lust is” by Joshua Harris

We must fight sexual sin, Josh Harris says, but we must do it with care and proper focus.

A Theology of Sex: Jonathan, David, and Homosexuality

Is one of the closest male relationships recorded in the Bible really evidence of God’s approval of homosexuality?

A Theology of Sex: Leviticus and Homosexuality (Part 2)

Are Christians picking and choosing what verses to obey when they speak against homosexuality from Leviticus?