Reflections on Psalm 118

The dual attributes of sovereignty and goodness invite our trust.

On Forgetting and Remembering: Reflections on Psalm 106

Fight the good fight of faith, but rejoice that God always remembers.

The Purity of the Words of God in Psalm 12

While men use words to deceive and control, God’s Word is pure and trustworthy.

The Equation of Psalm 63

The Psalmist presents us with an equation that reminds us to prioritize God in our pursuits

Studies in Psalm 119: God’s Help

If you are struggling to love the Word then cry out to God for help.

Studies in Psalm 119: The Word is Life-Giving

God gives life according to His Word.

Studies in Psalm 119: The Word is a Delight

The Psalmist finds God’s Word a delight to his soul; do you?

Studies in Psalm 119: The Protection of the Word

The Word of God provides protection for the follower of God.

Studies in Psalm 119: Obedience and Flourishing

Psalm 119 teaches us that obedience to God’s Word leads to flourishing.

Studies in Proverbs: Laziness

Laziness is costly, but the gospel can change even the sluggard.