Studies in Psalm 119: God’s Help

If you are struggling to love the Word then cry out to God for help.

Studies in Psalm 119: The Word is Life-Giving

God gives life according to His Word.

Studies in Psalm 119: The Word is a Delight

The Psalmist finds God’s Word a delight to his soul; do you?

Studies in Psalm 119: The Protection of the Word

The Word of God provides protection for the follower of God.

Studies in Psalm 119: Obedience and Flourishing

Psalm 119 teaches us that obedience to God’s Word leads to flourishing.

Studies in Proverbs: Laziness

Laziness is costly, but the gospel can change even the sluggard.

Studies in Proverbs: Anger

Anger leads away from God because it is a manifestation of foolishness.

Themes in Proverbs: Addiction

Proverbs presents us enough of a picture of addiction that we should all be warned about the possible serious dangers present in alcohol.

Studies in Proverbs: Adultery

Proverbs depicts adultery as foolish and dangerous.

Studies in Proverbs: Wisdom

Relationship precedes ethics in the realm of wisdom