Ed Stetzer on “What is the Mission of the Church?”

Ed Stetzer finally jumps into the discussion surrounding Greg Gilbert’s and Kevin DeYoung’s book.

Frustrated By The Mission: A Review of “The Mission of the Church” by Greg Gilbert and Kevin DeYoung

The Mission of the Church really frustrated me…and some of that is really good for me.

Beautiful Are The Feet: A Review of “Barefoot Church” by Brandon Hatmaker

Brandon Hatmaker encourages pastors to rethink their church model and see how serving the least can transform their ministry and their lives.

Don’t Ignore the Strategic Micropolis

Small cities are not always glamorous ministry outposts, but they are important!

Contextualized Ministry

Some recommended readings on Contextualized Ministry

Judge Not A Book, Lest You Be Judged: A Review of The Diversity Culture by Matthew Raley

I judged this book before I read it, and it rebuked me!

The Church Being The Church: Or What My Community Needs

My community has a major drug problem and it needs the church to step up and help!

Missional Church Planting In Rural America

 The Southern Baptist Convention Church Planting Center hosted a workshop and seminar on Missional Church Planting In Rural America yesterday. Apparently it was geared as a training program for the convention’s Directors of Missions, but I was able to attend and was introduced both to some startling realities and some fascinating strategies. Apparently the rural […]

Missional Leadership, Part 7

If you do any general survey of Missional literature this word “organic” comes up everywhere. We see it in the language of cultivation. We see it in the discussion of the church as a people (over and against a building). We see it in the discussion of gardening and pruning. We see it even in […]

Missional Leadership, Part 6

Previous models of church leadership sought to generate programs and strategies that had specific applications and required specific methods. The members then would hop on board this program and follow it to the letter, until it ran its course. Then they would wait for the next program to come along. What this leads to is […]