Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will Be Done

Why does the Lord’s will often seem so difficult for us to accept? Most believers are not outright obstinate and rebellious. Generally speaking, we want to obey the Lord, and we want to desire God’s best for us. Yet, we often struggle with accepting the Lord’s will. I think a partial answer to the cause […]

We’re (Not) Gonna Change the World

We must work to transform the world with humility and with eyes fixed on the only one who can do that perfectly and finally: Jesus

Son of Man and Suffering Servant: King Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

For Jesus the glory of His Kingship comes through the agony of His Cross.

The Doctrine of Revelation: The Storlyine of Scripture (Part 20)

The coming Kingdom of God is a running theme throughout the storyline of Scripture and its coming has huge personal significance.

Theology And Semantics: A Review of “The Next Christians” by Gabe Lyons

The Next Christians are going to change the world, but their theology needs a slight change in wording

A Goal Bigger Than “Church”: A Review of “The Tangible Kingdom” by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay

I may not agree with everything these authors say, but they want to help churches look beyond their kingdoms to God’s Kingdom…and I love that!

Right, Wright, and In-Between: A Review of “Simply Jesus” by N.T. Wright

N.T. Wright’s new book is fantastic…except where it’s not.

The Sparrow and the Heart: The Heart (Part 5)

The Theology of the Sparrow and the Heart helps us to live with a Kingdom of God Focus.