Jonah and the Centrifugal Missions


Jonah represents our frustrations with missionary changes, but he also represents the necessary change.

Jonah’s Hypocrisy

Whale Of A Time

Jonah’s hypocrisy isn’t really any different than mine and yours

“Lord, Kill Me Now”: Jonah’s Depression


What’s true of Jonah’s depression is most certainly not true of all of us…but it might be true for some.

Themes in the Book of Jonah: The Universal King


In Jonah we see that God’s Kingship extends to all nations, and we are forced to ask if we are part of that plan and if we have willingly accepted Him as King of our lives.

Themes in the Book of Jonah: Salvation Belongs To the Lord


Do you begrudge God’s generosity?

Themes in the Book of Jonah: The Sanctity of Life


Jonah was challenged to value all human life, so are we!

Themes in the Book of Jonah: The Sovereignty of God


God is sovereign in the book of Jonah and in our own story

Mercy and Hatred: Jonah’s Response to God’s Mercy


Jonah is a cautionary tale of sorts.

The Repentant City: Jonah’s Mission Accomplished


Nineveh’s repentance and Jonah’s ministry speak volumes about me and my city.

Saved By The Whale: Jonah’s Salvation


Jonah’s redemption points us to ours and the responsibilities we have as those who have been redeemed.