Studies in James: The Purpose of the Epistle (Part 1)

Identifying the specific purpose of a sacred writing is sometimes relatively easy. Some authors, for example, state it outright (like John 20:31). At other times it is obvious from the subject matter of the letter, and still other times it is an easy inference from various sections of the letter. At other times, however, identifying […]

Studies in James: James vs Paul

James has his own concerns and they are not centered around Pauline thought.

Studies in James: Influences (Part 2)

The teachings of Jesus were a major influence on the themes of James’ Epistle.

Studies in James: Influences (Part 1)

The Epistle of James does not arise out of a vacuum. Its author was raised in a religious world, and under the influence of Judaism and its sacred writings. This author was also the brother of Jesus and was a convinced follower that Jesus, believing him to be the promised Messiah. All of this shapes […]

Studies in James: Who Was James?

There is good reason to believe that Jesus brother wrote the epistle of James, and his authorship has some inspiring value for our own faith.