Leadership in the Home is About Empowering Others

Godly leadership in the home exercises power under, not power over.

The Purity of the Words of God in Psalm 12

While men use words to deceive and control, God’s Word is pure and trustworthy.

Your Spouse Can’t Be Your Church

Your spouse is not your church, and making them act like it will be disastrous for you both.

Using Chores For Spiritual Growth

Chores are valuable tools for spiritual growth because they remind us to think of others above ourselves.

What is the Culture of Your Home?

Healthy family cultures are engaged in equilibrium, open dialogue, and expressive grace.

Quantity May Be More Important Than You Thought

Quantity time provides three important elements to our family life: (1) Awareness, (2) Pattern, and (3) Dependability.

A Review of “God Made All Of Me” by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

This is a perfect resource for helping families talk about the reality of sexual abuse.