The Biggest Threat to the Church

Mark Driscoll warns that the biggest threat to the church is not out there, but in here.

A Beautiful Mess: A Review of “Adventures in Churchland” by Dan Kimball

The church is a mess worth participating in

Plodding Obedience vs Rock Star Christianity

We need less Christians pursuing rock star faith and more Christians pursuing plodding obedience.

Christian Cannibalism

It’s a Christian eat Christian world out there, every believer for himself!

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 33): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 12)

Progressiveness in the open hand is important for effective ministry

How Do You Keep Going?: The Emotional Struggle of Pastoral Ministry

How do you keep going into the office on Monday mornings when you’ve been hur, broken-hearted, and abandoned in the ministry?

Necro Theology: You Believe In God

orthodox theology won’t save you!

Exodus: A New Redemption Story

Exodus points us to the story of redemption as it relates to the New Testament church.

Reforming Sunday School

Ed Stetzer writes on the history of Sunday School…it’s way more interesting than its contemporary form.

Martin Luther is My Homeboy: The Legacy of Luther (Part 5)

My church is an heir of Luther’s eccelsiology, is yours?