The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 8): Holding to the Center While Appreciating the Diversity

If we keep in mind that theology is a work of progression we can hold to the center while also appreciating the diversity of angles.

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 7): The PSA Model

While I don’t particularly like the diminished importance placed on the other views, I concede that Penal Substitutionary Atonement is in fact the heart of Bible’s doctrine of the atonement.

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 6): Example Model

Christ on the cross, as strange as it sounds, is an example for us

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 5): Expiation Model

Let the doctrine of expiation bring you freedom today

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 4): The Redemption Model

The redemption model of the atonement teaches us about new kingdom allegiances.

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 3): The Sacrifice Model

Exploring the broader angle of sacrifice as we look at all the glory and beauty of the doctrine of the atonement reminds us that it comes from a place of love.

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 2): The Christus Victor Model

The Christus Victor model cannot stand alone, but it cannot be ignored either

The “Heart” of the Atonement (Part 1): The Problem

The atonement is a multi-faceted jewel and all its angles deserve our appreciation

Redeemed from Slavery

The Exodus event can help us understand our own redemption rightly

The Doctrine of Revelation: The Storyline of Scripture (Part 17)

The Death of Christ is the climax to the whole storyline of Scripture.