The Bible’s Big Picture on Anxiety

Anxiety is not always sin, according to Scripture.

Coronavirus and Emotions

Quarantine is a great time to analyze our emotions and learn to respond in godly ways.

Anxiety’s Terrible Companions

Anxiety runs around with several terrible friends.

A Testimony of Overcoming Anxiety

A beautiful testimony of God’s grace helping someone to overcome anxiety.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 9): Feeling-Based Reasoning

We want our emotions to conform to God’s Word, instead of trying to make our world conform to our emotions.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 8): False Shoulds

False-Should can be challenged by the authority of God’s moral standards.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 7): Nearsightedness

Anxiety’s Nearsightedness can be challenged by the glasses of faith in God!

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 6): Generalizations

Fighting back against this interpretation will mean believing that God is more sovereign than our predicted patterns.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 5): Mind-Reading

False mind reading asserts that we know what other people’s thoughts are about us.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 4): Jumping to Conclusions

Anxiety draws conclusions without consulting the data. Wisdom seeks knowledge.