7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 5): Right Restraint

Righteous anger is controlled anger

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 4): Right Duration

Has your anger lingered too long?

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 3): Right Response

Righteous anger must have the right response to the situation.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 2): Right Trigger

Am I Angry About the Right Things?

Sinful Anger is More Personal than Interpersonal

Often anger is more about what’s in our heart than who is our enemy.

The Violence of Silent Anger

Silent anger is not a solution to our anger problems, it’s just another form of the same violence.

A Review of “Good & Angry” by David Powlison

Anger is not a disease to be cured, but a human capacity to be redeemed.

Counseling and the Types of Anger

As you train yourself to understand the diversity of anger’s manifestations you will be better equipped to help those who are struggling with it.

Destructive Themes of the Heart: Anger

Anger destroys relationships because of its idolatrous conviction of entitlement.

Biblical Help for the Angry Person: Anger MAP

Developing a ministry action plan to address anger in our hearts and lives