The Danger of Worship, Part II: We Become Like What We Worship

Worship transforms us. What’s particularly amazing about how worship transforms us, however, is that we become like what we worship. That is to say, we take on the likeness and the spiritual realities of whatever we are worshiping. The Bible paints this truth in two ways: (1) it shows how idolatry, the worship of false […]

The Danger of Worship, Part I: Introduction

I was captivated recently by the reality of how dangerous and transforming worship is. When worship is of the right things we are dramatically changed for the better. When worship is of the wrong things, we too are transformed. Theologian G.K. Beale suggests, rightly, that worship leads to our restoration or our ruin. In countless […]

Communities of Grace, part 4

Grace is usually easier to see from a far than is ungrace, which can be subtle until you are in the midst of it, but there are some specific trends that you can point to among churches that clearly emphasize grace in life and word. As in the last post, I have narrowed those markers to […]

Communities of Grace, Part 3

Since they are so prevalent I thought it important to contemplate what it is that leads a church to become a community of ungrace. I can’t imagine any church starting out saying that they want to become legalistic, unloving, culturally threatening, and condemning. So how do gospel people get to that state? The obvious answer […]