A Theology of Sex: Why Sexual Sin Matters

Sexual sin matters because it is related to the gospel

Hipster Hymns

Ascend the Hill and Hoots and Hellmouth fill up this week’s Hipster Hymnal

A Theology of Sex: Sex and the Brain

Biblically healthy sex must recognize the role the brain plays in our sexual experiences and responses

The Grass Will Die: True Contentment Won’t Come Until Eternity

Discontentment can be a spiritual gift when used rightly.

A Pseudo-Christian Nation: A Review of “Bad Religion” by Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat has provided a convincing and comprehensive case for America’s religious problem

Next Week

Exciting posts coming your way next week at Pastor Dave Online

This Week’s Good Reads

Here are some interesting articles from around the web to check out: 1) “A Major New Defense of a More Biblical Way than Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology” by Justin Taylor In this post Justin Taylor highlights a new book coming forth next month. He discusses some of the distinct features of the book, gives us […]

Tending To Your Own Yard: Cultivating Contentment

Hebrews 13:5 helps me to cultivate contentment by reminding me that it’s found in Jesus.

Hipster Hymnal

Boby Dylan and Relient K don’t usually go together, but you can find them in the Hipster Hymnal

Grass is Still Just Grass: Contentment is a Choice

Contentment is a choice and it begins with realizing that we sometimes put absurd value on things that are really nothing more than grass