Developing Theological Humility

Being humble doesn’t come naturally, so we have to be intentional in developing theological humility.

The Importance of Theological Humility

Theological arrogance not only fails to serve the church, but it fails to honor God too.

The Church and the Cultural Challenge

The Gospel Coalition series on cultural challenges facing the church today.

There’s Too Much To Care About: A Review of “7” by Jen Hatmaker

There’s too many causes to get behind, but by not doing anything we simply align ourselves with the status quo. Jen Hatmaker wants to shock us out of that funk.

This Week’s Good Reads

If you’re looking for something good to read here’s my recommendations from this week: 1) “The Forgotten Influence of Martin Luther” by John Starke I am a Luther fanatic. I have spent years studying him, reading him, and laughing at him. I find him both fascinating and unsettling. You can read more about my own […]

Next Week

Here’s what’s happening next week at Pastor Dave Online

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 31): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 10)

Biblical Rebellion is real and necessary to be a Christian

Why I am Celebrating Lent (Part 1)

Ash Wednesday begins today, and I, for one, am a protestant participant.

Blog Wars

A piece I wrote for Echo Hub on how blog wars help us change our opinions

Can We Trust Jonah?

The story of the prophet Jonah is sometimes hard to…um…well…swallow. But I have bought it hook, line, and sinker.