Francis Schaeffer at 100

Reflections on the legacy of Francis Schaeffer.

Cutting and Covenant: A Christological Look At The Abrahamic Covenant

God makes the commitment, God takes the risk, and when we screw up God takes the wrath!

Comfortable With the Enns, but not the Means: A Review of “The Evolution of Adam” by Peter Enns

I can agree with Peter Enns’ general conclusion, but the means by which he arrived at that conclusion leaves much to be desired.

Next Week

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Repentace and Return

C.J. Mahaney is reinstalled as President of SGM

Exodus: Fulfilled in Christ

Exodus is really fullfilled in Jesus.

Outrageous Porn Stats

Startling statistics on pornography among teens.

Exodus: A New Redemption Story

Exodus points us to the story of redemption as it relates to the New Testament church.

Stricking Another Blow At The Illusion of Pornography

Moore on Porn

The Struggle with Infertility

Encouragement for those struggling with infertility