Next Week

Here’s what’s happening in the first week of 2012 at Pastor Dave Online

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 26): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 5)

Community is a good thing, except when it becomes a distraction to the gospel!

Luther Is My Homeboy: Bibliography

Some reading recommendations to those who want to dig deeper into the life and theology of my homeboy, Martin Luther.

Martin Luther is My Homeboy: The Legacy of Luther (Part 5)

My church is an heir of Luther’s eccelsiology, is yours?

Bible Reading Plan

How are you studying the Bible in 2012?

The Doctrine of Revelation: The Storlyine of Scripture (Part 20)

The coming Kingdom of God is a running theme throughout the storyline of Scripture and its coming has huge personal significance.

Theology And Semantics: A Review of “The Next Christians” by Gabe Lyons

The Next Christians are going to change the world, but their theology needs a slight change in wording

A Hipster Christmas (Part 8)

The final Hipster Christmas carol selections…Merry Christmas

Next Week

Christmas will be over but the party is still happening at Pastor Dave Online

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 25): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 4)

The Spiritual Journey can be a distraction to the gospel if it is not rooted in Scriptural teaching