A Theology for Hipsters (Part 1)

Introducing the first part of a major series on the relationships between so-called Christian Hipsters and the orthodox church.

Words on Christ & Culture

Words on the relationship between Christ and Culture

Our Discipleship Problem (Part 6)

Discipleship only happens when individuals are committed to the spiritual growth of one another!

The Doctrine of Revelation: Clarity (Part 4)

God rules over even our interpretive processes and therefore we can move towards some kind of certainty.

Artists You Should Know: Josh Garrels

You need to hear Josh Garrels

Don’t Be An Ignorant Mater!

My new article on Cars 2 at Christ and Pop Culture

The Beauty of Exegesis: A Review of “Interpreting the Pauline Epistles” by Tom Schreiner

Tom Schreiner inspires passion for the exegesis and interpretation of Scripture.

2012 Study Project

2012 Study Project has been decided, make plans to study along next year!

I Am Like A Deer!

How do you describe that feeling of being overwhelmed by God’s grace?

Words About Work

Some words on a theology of Work