Keller on Justice

A special event hosted by the New York Society for Ethical Culture featured Tim Keller answering questions on justice, the poor, and grace. Check it out here.

By The Bell, Discussions over “Love Wins”

Over at Christ and Pop Culture Ben Bartlett and guest writer Kiel Hauck are discussing, chapter by chapter, Rob Bell’s newest book Love Wins. The discussion has been wonderful to witness as two friends who disagree over the book’s value debate civilly and lovingly. This week Ben’s comments were particularly beautiful! Check it out!

Tips On How To Meet Your Neighbors

Here is a helpful article over at The Gospel Coalition on how to meet your neighbors and build community.

Perspectival Theology and Mumford & Sons

Better music and better theology come from a variety of perspectives.

Why Amos Lee is Awesome

I’ve got four reasons why you need to know and love Amos Lee.

Relevant Asks Rob

Relevant Magazine asks Rob Bell if he’s a universalist and Rob answers…well, sort of.

The Doctrine of Revelation: Authority (Part 3)

Where does the Bible get its authority from: us, its content, its author…Barney Fife?

The Not So Radical Radical Book: A Review of David Platt’s Radical

Radical is not really radical, it’s content is actually really old…but that’s a good thing!

Christ + City Event

The Gospel Coalition is hosting a new event on April 14th, last day of the Coalition conference, titled Christ and City. It looks to be an engaging and practical event with speakers including: Tim Keller, Eric Mason, Darrin Patrick, and more. Check it out here.

My Life With Limited Interruptions

Read my article over at Christ and Pop Culture on the three month experiment to diminish my pop culture intake.