Wednesdays in the World: Barth and Bart, Part 2

Homer’s attitude towards Scripture is evident throughout the series and among a wide array of characters from the show, Heit demonstrates this well. The town’s relationship with the Bible finds them ignorant of its contents and its contents irrelevant for their lives; yet, because there is a historical value remaining on it people continue to […]

Tuesdays in the Theological Think Tank: Overcoming Fear

            Fear is a common feature of our existence. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t at some point in their life wrestled with the reality of being afraid. The cause of fear is rather obvious: we can’t control our universe. This lack of control puts us all into scenarios where a desirable outcome cannot be foreseen […]

Mondays Are For Music: 10/18/10

Here’s this week’s Playlist: 1) The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens. This album is not like the Sufjan many have come to know and love. It’s a totally (and I do mean totally) different sound. I am not sure how I ultimately feel about it musically. Artistically it does speak to Sufjan’s originality and […]

Friday is for Faith Stories: A Daughter’s Spinal Surgery

This particular faith story begins with a year and a half-long battle to get pregnant. It begins with a discouraged young wife and husband earnestly desiring to have a baby. It begins emotional ups and downs, fertility treatments, and failures. This is the story of my own family. It is the story of my wife […]

Thursdays Are Word Days: Cool

I don’t suppose that there are many things you can attribute to the 1980s cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The show wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, controversial, or thoughtful television. Yet I am inclinced to think that the ubiquity of the term “cool” as an adjective is owing in part to the popularity of a show where […]

Wednesdays In The World: Barth and Bart, Part 1

To say that Homer Simpson misunderstands the Holy Scriptures might be considered a huge understatement. His interactions with his son Bart on the subject matter of Scripture reveal this understatement. After finding out that Bart has shop lifted Homer begins to lecture the boy on his bad behavior. He says: Haven’t you learned anything from […]

Getting Blogged Down

 I have decided it’s time for a blog overhaul. I am an inconsistent writer at my own blog, which makes me think that either I have really poor management skills or I am not very serious about blogging (or both). So, with that said, I have decided to kick it up a notch and get […]