It’s Not Doubt, Simply Dislike

Do you have those moments where you simply have to be honest with yourself about something? Christians, as people who still struggle with sinful desires, often find ways to sanctify or justify what is actually sinful behavior. For sometime now I have complained that I simply don’t understand God’s plan for my life. I have […]

The Good Shepherd: A Biblical Theology of Ezekiel 34, Part 3

The Epochal Horizon, Part 1 As we move into the epochal horizon we can note that there is a fair amount of overlap (both with the textual and the canonical horizon). Before delineating the obvious overlaps, however, let’s set up the larger epochal horizon. Patrick Fairbairn gives a good help here when he writes: This […]

Children of the Digital Age

Everyone is reporting on it and for good reason: The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a researched report revealing that children between the ages of 8 and 18 spend, on average, 7 1/2 hours a day on electronic media. Many are raising questions about how this will affect both family life in general and chidlren […]

The Good Shepherd: A Biblical Theology of Ezekiel 34, Part 2

The Textual Horizon We begin with the textual horizon, that is the immediate context of the passage. Here we are seeking to discern what the author intended to convey, and thus what God intended to convey through that author, to his original audience. In this passage Ezekiel is declaring a prophesy of judgment against the […]

The Good Shepherd: A Biblical Theology of Ezekiel 34, Part 1

        Ezekiel chapter 34 stands in stark contrast to the all too often painted picture of God as harsh and unloving in the Old Testament. This divinely inspired chapter serves as a gracious warming cloak for the cold judgment of God that permeates the preceding chapters. D.L. Moody saw this same comfort evident in the chapter. […]

To Keep You From Falling, Part 7

The Search for Faith Under the surface of this difficult doctrinal issue is the tension between God’s sovereignty in salvation and human responsibility. How do the two work together? Let it be said that the Bible clearly teaches both. The Bible speaks of God’s role in salvation as all encompassing. The whole event is His […]

Remembering Dad

There are a lot of ways in which I am nothing like my father. For example he possessed a brilliant mind when it came to math and science. He loved to work with numbers and data, with dates and graphs, etc. That’s not me. I work with words and abstract thoughts, with philosophy and theology. […]

To Keep You From Falling, Part 6

When God Saves… When God does something we don’t imagine it to be halfway. We believe God does all things perfectly and completely. So when we discuss the most important and impressive act of God recorded in Scripture, namely redemption, we want to affirm that he did it perfectly and totally. Did God make salvation […]