Communities of Grace, Part 2

If Communities of Grace are those which not only teach the gospel but live it out, I should say very clearly that the opposite is equally as true. Communities of Grace are not simply those who live lives of service and care for others, but who actually teach the gospel. It is very popular to […]

Communities of Grace

It never ceases to amaze me how many churches there are that talk freely and honestly about the grace of God, yet at the same time create an environment that is totally contrary to that very concept of grace. Environments of grace are places of freedom, creativity, hope, trust, and mutual responsiveness. These environmnets point […]

What I Learned At Catalyst

The Catalyst Conference in Atlanta is not the typical kind of conference I am use to: Incredibly professionally produced, extremely artistic in nature, cultually engaging, and leadership focused. The music was loud, the speakers were all different and from distinct theological and philosophical frame works. But by God’s grace I learned some amazing and clarifying […]