God’s Heart for Urban Centers: A Biblical Theology of the City (Part 2)

The City of Man vs. The Semi-Nomadic Life             The Bible records for us a period in the history of God’s people where they were not city-dwellers. Post-Garden life saw the erection of the city of Enoch, by Cain, contrasted with the pastoral life of Abel. The great patriarch Abraham was a nomad for all […]

God’s Heart for Urban Centers: A Biblical Theology of the City (Part 1)

                                                                                                                                         Like all subjects the Bible has something to say regarding the topic of the “city.” My introduction identifies several of the major Biblical texts that touch on this issue but before I dive into those I must start with the cultural mandate which God gave to the very first human beings in The […]

35 Strategies for Fighting Sin (Part 4)

(1)   Pray Preemptively About Temptation Temptation comes at us when we least expect it. It catches us off guard and tries to blindside us. In the heat of temptation we are so consumed with desires that often we find no strength to pray or no power when we do. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that […]

35 Strategies for Fighting Sin (Part 3)

(1)   Safeguard the Marriage Bed Sexual sin and divorce are as rampant among the church as they are among the world. The Christian can easily fall prey to them if he or she is not on their guard. God has instituted sex within the bonds of marriage as a good thing and we should hold […]

35 Strategies for Fighting Sin (Part 2)

(1)   Fight Pride and Engender Humility in Yourself Few things are more palatable to sin than an arrogant spirit. The very embrace of the gospel, on our part, begins with humility. Nothing in our hands we bring, simply to the cross of Christ we cling. We are without merit before God! An arrogant man cannot […]

35 Strategies for Fighting Sin (Part 1)

  (1)   Substitute Grace for Legalism in Your Theology From the outset is necessary to emphasize that these 35 strategies are not meant to convey a message of works based salvation. There is no rescue from God’s wrath in performing them, nor is there security in salvation in them. Our only hope of reconciliation with […]

Six Ways to Engage the Culture

Jonathan Dodson, founding and planting Pastor of Austin City Life, has written a beautiful piece of Critical Christian Cultural Engagement. His six ways to engage culture reflect true thoughtfulness in both their sheer insightfulness and simplicity. I especially found point 3 (Engage Biblical-theologically) captivating. Here’s my favorite quote: Don’t begin with cultural convictions and end […]