The Shape of Faith to Come

What does the shape of faith to come look like? Hopefully it looks better the shape of faith at present. Brad Waggoner’s recent book The Shape of Faith to Come paints a somewhat sad picture of the state of modern discipleship within the church. It only further proves the method of rapid conversion, baptism, and […]

Two Good Books on Community

These are some good works on the subject of community as I have talked about it over the course of these four posts. I found them to be generally helpful, insightful, though-provoking, and Biblical. Enjoy your reading and enjoy your communities. Total Church: A Radical Reshaping Around Gospel and Community. by Steve Timmis and Tim […]

Communities In Action

For my final article in this series on community I thought I’d give examples of communities in action. What are some ways that your community can actively seek to fulfill the mission of God. Here are some communities from all around the country who have found some ways and you might take encouragement from their […]

The Ordo Communitas

This current series of posts I’ve been working through deal with the subject of community, but in this particular post I want to tackle the specific nature of community. In other words, I want to answer the question, “How do we structure our community?” Theologians have a manner of discussing the process of salvation from Predestination […]

What Do I Do When My Community Annoys Me?

A non-Christian I met one time said, quite frankly, that his problem with Christianity is that most Christians just annoy him. It was a fair and honest response. If I am being honest I might add that Christians sometimes annoy me too, in fact sometimes Christians annoy me even more than my non-Christian friends. If […]

Why Community?

The popularity of the “anti-church” movement among younger evangelicals is sad. At one leve I can agree with and appreciate their criticisms and complaints against the church. Sometimes the church is riddled with inauthenticity, with a concern primarily for institutionalism and denominationalism and not with the gospel and with the poor. Love lacks in some […]

Happy Birthday John Calvin!

Today marks the 500th birthday of John Calvin, one of the most hotly debated of all Christian theologians. I happen to agree with much of Calvin’s theology, but I believe that even a non-Calvinist should express some apprecaition for John. Here’s why: While the Protestant Reformation is often credited as coming most directly from the work […]

When Community Is Bad!

“Community” is one of those buzz words that pastors and churches through around often, I know myself to have overly used it without understanding it. There is good reason that the subject of “community” has become so popular: community is a good thing! Who doesn’t love fellowship, companionship, mutual encouragement and building up? And, furthermore, […]

The Truth About the Younger Unchurched

The common trend today is to suggest that Christianity is dying! In fact some have even stated plainly that they believe Christinaity will die within a generation if some things don’t change! Others simply articulate the truth that many unchurched individuals hate the church, and in fact there is truth to that statement. But what […]

Happy American Revolution Day

Today we celebrate the founding of our great nation. Actually only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on this day in 1776, it wasn’t until August that the actual signing that we think of happened. Nonetheless it is a great day of celebration for those of us who are American citizens. For those who […]