Lost in Religion?

Here’s my new article up at Christ and Pop Culture on the season finale of ABC’s Lost.

Praise Jesus!

I am so thankful to Jesus that my precious little girl came through her surgery just fine and has returned, rathe quickly, to her daily routines and general lifestyle. The recovery seemed long, but genreally the whole ordeal went well and as expected. God was gracious and my Jesus has been a dear sweet friend […]

Preparing for My Daughter’s Surgery

Tomorrow at 2:30 my daughter will be having spinal surgery. As I have prepared for this moment one passage of scripture has been impressed upon my heart as a means of comfort. The Word of God does indeed have a message for us in every situation. Romans 5:3-5 states: More than that, we rejoice in […]

John 1:19-34

Mary Had A Lamb In his book Death By Love: Letters from the Cross pastor Mark Driscoll recounts one of the stories of a member at his church. Mary, was a fourteen year old girl who, for her first boyfriend, began dating a young and violent man. He wasn’t violent at first but he revealed […]