Christmas as Gospel Celebration

Christmas is upon us. Tonight millions of people will celebrate together with their families Christmas Eve, and arise early (or late, depending on your age) tomorrow to exchange and open gifts. Likewise many churches will be playing on the sentimentality of the holiday this week. They will point everyone to the Birth of Jesus, and […]

The Grinch Comes to Church

Like most of you, I assume, my wife and I have been enjoying the Christmas specials on TV this season, and one of my favorite annual holiday shows is “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” This sunday we are going to gather together to look at the Theological Implications of the Grinch and such shows and […]

Above All Earthly Powers

Continuing our study of the person of Jesus, this week at Bigelow Church we will be analyzing the authority and power that Jesus possesses. Jesus, though a man, is God and has, in His being, the very power of the divine. The question we will wrestle with this morning is what exactly does this power […]

Why Did Jesus Come?

The answer to the question “Why did Jesus come?” is significant, because it will affect the life of all who believe in Him…or at least it should. The Mission of Jesus is our topic of analysis this Sunday morning at Bigelow Church. Why did Jesus come, what was He doing, and what is the relationship […]