Joy in Wounds

There is this really hard question that all Christians must face: why do we suffer? Now, answering that question is nearly impossible. But this week we are going to explore, in my sermon, the possibility of finding joy in suffering. How do we do that? Come to Bigelow church for our 10:45 service this week […]

Vacation Weekend

Well I have a vacation this weekend and will not be preaching or leading worship at Bigelow. I am actually looking forward to having some time off and enjoying attending church elswhere to hear a sermon and worship without having to give thought to administration of Sunday’s services. When I return on the 23rd we […]

Jesus and the Temple of Doom

One of my favorite movies of all time is Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is just such a fantastic movie and Indiana Jones such a great hero. He was incredibly intelligent about history, but he was also an action hero! What good historian couldn’t love that! So when I came […]