My Big Fat Jewish Wedding

In Continuing our series through the Gospel According to John we continue to meet Jesus. This week we encounter Jesus at a wedding for a friend or family member and we get our first glimpse of a physical manifestation of His glory. Throughout this series we are continuing to see Jesus’ glory and this display […]

How Not to Help the Poor

My heart is for the city, and parituclary for my city: Portsmouth, OH. Part of bringing the gospel to the city involves helping those in need, being willing to get dirty and do social ministry alongside preaching the gospel. This means helping the poor and needy in our communities, and this video is a breathtaking […]

A Whole Latte of Evangelism

This week at Bigelow church we will be looking at the evangelistic methods of the disciples in John 1:35-51. Our goal in studying through John is to Meet Jesus and in these verses what we will see is how the disciples brought others to meet Jesus and what type of person these people met with. […]

Mary Had a Lamb

This Sunday, as we continue our way through the book of John, I wil be directing our attention to the claims of John the Baptist that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world! If meeting Jesus is our priority in this study, then we must be sure we […]

My Review of Death by Love

I have a new article, a book review of Mark Driscoll’s Death by Love, that was posted today over at Christ & Pop Culture. I would highly recommend reading this book from Driscoll, and you can find out why by reading my review at CAPC.

Meet the Real Jesus

This Sunday I begin a new series throug the gospel of John, called Meet Jesus.  The particular focus for this week is the gloriousness of Jesus. The real Jesus of Scripture blows away the puny adaptations and cultural misrepresentations of Jesus that we see all around us. What’s more, the Jesus of Scripture is often […]

Judgment in the Wasteland

This last Sunday I finished preaching through 1Kings, in a series that might have been one of the fastest series through that book ever. Our church took in the book in three sermons each dealing, in different, ways with the theme of God in the Wasteland. The final installment of the series demonstrates how God’s […]