New Year’s Resolution Updates


It’s time for a check-up.

Back to Writing

fountain pen on text sheet paper closeup

I needed this hiatus, but I am looking forward to writing more consistently again in August

Monthly Love: June


My favorite things from the month of June

Monthly Love: May


My favorite things from the month of May

An Online Hiatus


I am taking an indefinite hiatus from most online activity in order to focus on improving my relationship with the Lord.

Monthly Love: March


A new monthly series that celebrates my favorite things from the month, in a completely random and arbitrary list.

Personal Goals for 2015


Read about my personal goals for this year and challenge and encourage me to see them through!

Pastor Dave Online in 2015


Here’s what you can expect to see next year at Pastor Dave Online

Next Year’s Study Project: Leviticus


My year-long study project for 2015 will be the Old Testament book of Leviticus

The Future of Biblical Counseling and Reconsidering Certification


I have been a hold out to certification for a long-time now. For six years now friends have been talking to me about and encouraging me to pursue certification in Biblical counseling. I have refused. Some of it has been that (sinful) rebellious streak in me that refuses to do what others are doing. I […]


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