Our Cultural Loss of Sadness


We must recovery an understanding of true, normal sadness.

Re-framing Stories in Biblical Counseling


Biblical Counseling must involve re-framing a person’s story according to the Scriptures.

A Review of “New Monasticism” by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove


Even if it doesn’t lead to a complete embrace of the new monastic movement, this book gives some helpful pushback to American Christianity.

This Week’s Good Reads


Here’s this week’s collection of interesting articles from around the web

Next Week


Don’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online

Theology Talks Promo


The promo for our upcoming theological conversations vlog

Christian Reflections on Lust, Modesty, and Beauty (Part 6): What is Lust?


The church must be able to carefully, Biblically, and intelligently answer the question, “what is lust,” if we want to appropriately help each other fight against it.

Doing Theology in Love


Christians have a responsibility to do theology in a way that promotes the unity of the church.

Interpreting the Scriptures as Part of the Church


We need each other to better understand the Bible

A Review of “Made for More” by Hannah Anderson

made for more

This is the kind of book that I will give to women (and maybe some men) over and over again


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