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Ask Pastor Dave: Is It Okay to Whistle and Shout in Church?


The best answer to this question will take into consideration corporate context, situational appropriateness, and personal motivation.

Studies in Jude: The Call to Persevere (v. 17-25)


True believers persevere in the Scriptures, in communion with God, and with each other.

A Review of “Homosexuality” by Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse


Though the book is a bit dated their approach to scientific research is still very relevant to the contemporary church.

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A Collection of Interesting Articles from Around the Web

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Ask Pastor Dave: Do Babies Go to Heaven when They Die?


While the Bible does not answer this question explicitly, it does, I believe, give us enough information to draw the conclusion that infants who die go to heaven.

Studies in Jude: The Example of the False Teachers (v. 5-16)


The false teachers serve as an example, not of what we should be, but of what happens to those who rebel against God.

Biblical Help for Angry People: Accountability and Evaluation


We conclude this series by considering how to, when to, and who will evaluate our progress

A Review of “The Company We Keep” by Jonathan Holmes


This monograph helps readers to think about friendship in fresh ways for our own good.


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