Living the Christian Life Apart from the Gospel


Attempting to live the Christian life apart from the gospel will produce guilt, frustration, and anxiety in any Christian.

The Messiah for Pariahs: Jesus’ Strange Followers


The selection of his disciples reflects Jesus’ heart for the social outcast

When Confession Becomes Sin


We can use even confession as a means to fulfill sinful desires! It’s important, then, to think carefully about our confessions

A Review of “Love Into Light” by Peter Hubbard


Peter Hubbard sets a good example for the contemporary church on how to be sensitive and Scripturally faithful.

Small Intimacies

small intimacies

True friendships are the combination of a host of small intimacies

This Week’s Good Reads

morning paper

Here are a host of interesting articles from around the web to check out.

Next Week


Don’t miss these blogs and more next week at Pastor Dave Online

Singing the Language of the Kingdom

worship practices

Worship cultivates a desire for the Kingdom of God

The Messiah for Pariahs: Jesus, Friend of Sinners


Jesus’ relationship with sinners is a vital element of his identity as the Messiah.

What Does Pluralism Mean for Evangelism?


Our pluralist context requires us to rethink our evangelistic method


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