A Review of “What is Experiential Calvinism?” by Ian Hamilton


Ian Hamilton gives both supporters and critics a fresh perspective on the controversial approach to theology.

A Review of “Mapping Apologetics” by Brian Morley


This volume is a tremendous guide to understanding not just the key thinkers, but the key ideas in modern apologetics.

This Week’s Good Reads


A collection of interesting articles from around the web.

An Online Hiatus


I am taking an indefinite hiatus from most online activity in order to focus on improving my relationship with the Lord.

Ask Pastor Dave: How Can God Be Good If He Allows Sexual Abuse?


While a logical and theologically consistent answer can be given, the best answer points to God’s compassionate care of the abused.

Crisis Care Initiative: Support Network


Support networks within Cornerstone’s church include both our Recovery program and our advocacy program.

Studies in Leviticus: God is Holy


Leviticus establishes God’s holiness by means of geography and ritual.

A Review of “Eldership and the Mission of God” by J.R. Briggs & Bob Hyatt

eldership and mog

Eldership and the Mission of God simply doesn’t deliver on what it promises.

A Review of “Matthew” by Jeannine Brown


Brown offers readers a commentary that beautifully combines quality scholarly research, with fresh cultural perspective.

This Week’s Good Reads


A list of interesting articles from around the web.


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