What Does Pluralism Mean for Evangelism?


Our pluralist context requires us to rethink our evangelistic method

A Review of “Washed and Waiting” by Wesley Hill


Though this book has a very specific target it speaks more broadly to the need for all of us to develop a robust theology of struggling and the Christian life.

Small Group Questions for 4/13/14


Small Group Questions for the weekend of 4/13/14

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Failures in Church Planting


It is my humble opinion that many church plants fail largely owing to a lack of imagination

Biblical Counseling and Imagination


To be the most help we can be, Biblical counselors need to seek to engage the imagination

Hands & Feet: Reflections on Love for the Poor in Worship Music


I love this new trend to mention God’s love for the poor in our worship music

A Review of “True Friendship” by Vaughan Roberts


A wonderful little book exposing us to the Bible’s teaching on and some practical steps within friendship

This Week’s Good Reads

morning paper

A small sampling this week, but there are some interesting articles here.

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