Destructive Themes of the Heart: Pride


Getting to the bottom of our destructive behavior requires us to identify the sinful desires in our hearts. The first of these sinful desires is Pride.

Studies in Leviticus: God Qualifies A Person for Ministry (Leviticus 8)


Leviticus 8 reminds us of the central role of God in the calling and consecrating of His ministry servants

A Review of “Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering” by Tim Keller


This is a unique book that is equipped to help readers think philosophically and practically about suffering.

This Week’s Good Reads


It’s a short list this week, but check out my collection of interesting articles from around the web.

Next Week


Don’t miss these articles and more next week at Pastor Dave Online

Monthly Love: September


Here’s what I loved in September

Books That Shaped My Faith: “Washed and Waiting” by Wesley Hill


This book ignited in me more honest self-evaluation and a greater move of compassion towards those in the church who struggle with dominating temptations.

Studies in Leviticus: The Expectation of Orderly Worship (6:8-7:38)


These chapters in Leviticus serve as a focused reminder to us all that God is not to be worshiped in a slipshod and haphazard manner, but with intentionality and obedience.

This Week’s Good Reads


Here’s this week’s collection of interesting articles from around the web.

A Review of “God Made All Of Me” by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

god made all of me

This is a perfect resource for helping families talk about the reality of sexual abuse.


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