A Review of “Developments in Biblical Counseling” by J. Cameron Fraser


This is a work that will place the current Biblical Counseling culture within its proper historical context.

This Week’s Good Reads

morning paper

My collection of interesting articles from around the web.

A Review of “Side By Side” by Ed Welch


This is one of the most helpful, practical, and simple tools readers can find for learning how to love others well.

This Week’s Good Reads


This week’s collection of fascinating articles from around the web.

A Review of “The Quest for the Historical Adam” by William VanDoodewaard

quest for adam

This historical survey is more than just informative; rather it offers a compelling argument for a literal interpretation of these early chapters of Genesis.

A Review of The “Rid Of My Disgrace Small Group Discussion Guide” by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb with Stephanie Hurter

discussion guide

The Rid of My Disgrace Small Group Discussion Guide offers compassionate spiritual guidance to those who hurt.

A Review of “Roman Catholic Theology & Practice” by Greg Allison

roman catholic

Roman Catholic Theology & Practice offers readers a point-by-point comparison of the two systems without falling into either polemics or foundationless ecumenism.

A Review of “The Presence of God” by J. Ryan Lister


Lister offers a comprehensive Biblical theological treatment of this sadly neglected doctrine in The Presence of God.

A Review of “What is Experiential Calvinism?” by Ian Hamilton


Ian Hamilton gives both supporters and critics a fresh perspective on the controversial approach to theology.

A Review of “Mapping Apologetics” by Brian Morley


This volume is a tremendous guide to understanding not just the key thinkers, but the key ideas in modern apologetics.


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